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Building websites that do things.

If you're looking for someone to deign you a website that simply displays information, then you have a lot of companies out there to choose from. However, if you're looking for a website that does something more, for instance: takes orders online for you, allows customers to schedule their own reservations or appointments, allows customers to upload their own audio/video files, sends text messages upon a pre-determined event, then a custom application is what you need. Vegas Programmer specializes in building custom websites that do things. Many scripts have already been written, so a custom website may be a lot less expensive than you think. Contact Vegas Programmer at (702) 513-1793 or use this contact form to discuss your specific wants and needs.

Here are just a few templates Vegas Programmer offers. Keep in mind that some of these templates could be tailored to a different type of business. For example: the Bakery template could easily be made into a Ice Cream store. These demos are simply a starter kit for a new site. The menus in these templates can be linked to an online order system or whatever application you need.

Sample Food Store

Bakery Template

Sample Pizza/Restaurant

Pizza/Restaurant Demo

Sample Service Business

Real Estate Template

Sample Night Club

Night Club Template

Sample Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart Template

Sample Dancer/Performer

Generic Design


Since displaying products and/or people are essential in marketing, here are a few photo galleries that can be added to any website:


Sample Photo Gallery


Sample Photo Slider


Sample Photo Expander


Photo Carousel


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Online Appointment Maker

Allow your clients
to schedule their own appointments

Does your business have a need to book appointments? With this online appointment maker, your customers will have an easy way to book their own appointments. And they can do it from a computer, a tablet or a smart-phone. By making it fast and easy for them, maybe you'll get more appointments.
This system shown here
Appointment Maker Demo
offers a wealth of features to fit most any business. One important feature that most other schedule makers don't offer, is allowing you to take a break between appointments. For example, suppose you book 45 minute sessions and would like a 15 minute break in between each client; this system offers that capability. Or it can be set for 10 minutes, or however long you need in between clients.
You choose the beginning time, the ending time for your last appointment, how long each session is, how much time (if any) you need for a break in-between, your regular days off (ex. Saturday & Sunday), your holidays and any special days off.
This system is maintained on our server so maintainenace is not required on your part.
It's extremely accurate, as it doesn't rely on email. Instead, all information is stored to a secure database that will be passcode protected.
You can have this system linked from your existing website or you have it set up with a separate domain name that can provide a direct link to your scheduler.
Contact Vegas Programmer for any questions and complete pricing and details.

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Food Service Online Ordering

Saving You & Your Customers, Time

Do you have a food service business that could use an online ordering system? Vegas Programmer builds custom online order systems for various types of food service establishments. Whether you have a Pizzeria, a Donut or Breakfast Shop, a Cafe or Burger Place, a Chinese or Mexican Restaurant, Vegas Programmer can provide you with a custom online ordering system to allow you and your customers to save time.
Try this demo Vegas Programmer created and you'll see how fast and easy online ordering is supposed to be.
Food Service Demo
Fast and easy systems can mean - more orders for you.
Contact Vegas Programmer to discuss your particular needs.

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Custom Business Applications

Customized systems to meet your needs

If you have a business with many employees, keeping track of days and time off, keeping track of jobs or projects being worked on or completed, keeping track of expenses associated with particular jobs or specific projects, can all be a real administrative burden. With the right management software in place, your employees could enter their own data thru their smart-phones or from their own computer. A properly designed system that fits the needs of your business could save both you and your employees administration time, thus allowing you and your employees to be more productive. Contact Vegas Programmer about your specific needs and we'll discuss how a customized system could benefit your business.

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Professional Image Enhancing

If you have certain products that you're looking to market online, visual presentation is vital for success in today's competitive environment. Making your products stand out from the competition is what it's all about. It starts with a good image, then digital enhancing and proper ad design both add to the marketing potential. Vegas Programmer offers professional image enhancing and ad designs to help you market your products in today's competitive world.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the concept of improving your website's ability to be found in search engines. Being found in search engines can be critical for many businesses to succeed. They are basically two ways to get better ranked in search engines: one is to pay for per click advertising, however this can be costly in todays competitive world. The other option is to optimize your site so that it gets found in organic searches. This type of Search Engine Optimization is usually the best way. There are many factors that go into organic search engine optimization but to start with, there are basically four essential tasks: The first is to choose a proper domain name: for example, I chose because for individuals doing a search in Google, where they type in "las vegas programmer", my website will usually appear on the first page, and I don't have to pay for any click-thru fees associated with that advertising. Try it, go to Google and search those keywords "las vegas programmer". In addition to selecting a good domain name, developing the site with proper structure is essential. Without properly doing this, having a good domain name is useless. The third, and very important requirement is to include proper composition in the site: this means including the right keywords in the text for a specific amount of times. And the fourth, and easiest step is to submit the site to search engines. Vegas Programmer can help you with all these tasks and help you take your site to the next level. Contact Vegas Programmer at (702) 513-1793 or use this contact form to discuss your specific wants and needs.

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How Secure is your Information?

Hackers target everyone. Some common methods used by hackers are: trojan horse programs, back door and remote administration programs, denial of service, unprotected windows networking shares, mobile code, cross site scripting, and packet sniffing. Vegas Programmer offers security fault detection and recommendations to aid in the prevention of your site being hacked. Contact Vegas Programmer to discuss your specific needs and concerns.

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One-on-One Tutoring

Vegas Programmer now offers one on one tutoring sessions to Las Vegas residents. One on one tutoring means we'll meet at a convienent location, typically a Starbucks, Panera Bread or a library, and I'll teach you the process you need to create a website from scratch. If you've already began developing a site, we can start from that point. Fees range from $30 for a 45 minute session to $50 for a 90 minute session. You tell me what you're interested in doing with a site, and we'll go from there. In addition to web design, I also teach Photoshop to those who are interested in graphic design.

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    Choosing a Domain Name

    Why choose Vegas Programmer?

    If you're looking to register a new domain name, you've come to the right place. Vegas Programmer guides you through selection, registration and maintaining the best domain name for your business. Vegas Programmer offers recommendations to help get you started in the name selection process. Next, Vegas Programmer uses domain name search tools that search all available domain names related to the name or phrase we've selected. You'll be presented with a list of domains available to you, along with our recommendation as to the best ones to select from. If your looking to build a presence on the internet, contact Vegas Programmer today.

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    Web Hosting

    Why choose Vegas Programmer?

    Vegas Programmer offers Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. Why is "VPS" better than "Shared" hosting. Shared hosting means your website is installed on a server that is typically shared with many websites. At times, other websites could be using much of the resources on that server causing your site to be unavailable. With VPS hosting, you'll be allocated a specific portion of the server that no one else can use: what that means is your site will be available for your viewers when they click on your domain name. Vegas Programmer offers different VPS plans that depend upon the resources that your site requires and the amount of traffic you expect your site to have. Plans start at $10 per month. Contact Vegas Programmer to discuss which is the right plan for your specific needs.

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    Responsive Web

    Why choose Vegas Programmer?

    Vegas Programmer specializes integrating PHP & MySQL into a relatively new technology called Responsive Web Design. Responsive Web Design enables a website to determine what type of device the viewer is using; then provides that viewer with the best interaction for their device. Smart-phone users experience a website designed for their phone, while tablet and desktop users experience a website designed for their device. No apps are required. By providing your customers with one website for all devices, you'll create a better user experience for your customer. And that can mean - more business for you.

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